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About SK FoodsBuilt up over 19 years, SK Foods Limited’s life started at the rear of one of many restaurants owned by managing director, Shafiqur Kamaly.
Having worked, managed and owned restaurants in the past enabled Shafique to understand restaurant demands. The idea was to eliminate the flaws of bad quality products and inconsistent delivery times provided by other suppliers.

What to communicateMission Statement: Catering for the caterers.

Doesn’t matter how big or how small we’ll cater for you.

We will always make ourselves available for you.

Cater for the next generation

Problems with the current brand
1. The logotype has a lack of distinction and completely outdated.
2. There is no overall system of design for the different collaterals, stationary, etc.
3. The company looks dull and unappetizing compared to its competitors.
4. It seems that the company is small and unreliable.

sk foods identity analyse 26_10 corrected

Phase 1: Logo Concepts1. Redesign the logo to make it more modern and upto date.

2. Since there are the initials of the owner in the name, it makes sense to give the logo a personal touch, its own style. This can be a special mark, lettering or an interesting composition.

3. It is important to emphasize that S.K. Foods is an experienced and reputable company that delivers high quality food.

4. Our aim was to create the overall brand concept to design the different media in the same style.

Phase 2: Brand Identity

Phase 3: Website Design

1. We aim to update and modernize the website. It needs a contemporary layout and high quality images/photos.
2. The website will be developed from bottom up, making sure its Search Engine Optimised and utilising latest development standards
3. Security was a key part to the developing the site, as it wouyld be holding members personal details. we made use of practises that will mitigate any security risks

What was the end result?

The re-branding and website gave the company a new contemporary look. The use of fresh and appetising imagery and colour pallet allowed the the companies produce appeal to a more wider market.

SK Foods went along to a food exhibition in early 2016 and after there re-brand was complete. It was well received by the public and its targeted audience. SK Foods even made an appearance on “channel S’s” TV channel extending its reach and brand awareness.

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